Module 10. Unconventional Resource Plays

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Unconventional resource plays began with fractured shale reservoirs onshore US. Soon the principles that led to success in shale plays were also applied to mud-rich carbonate successions with incredibly low porosity (microporosity).

This module is evenly divided between shallow and deep marine carbonate unconventional resource plays. The Bakken, Three Forks and Niobrara are used to as case studies for shallow marine carbonates whereas examples from the Permian Basin are presented to illustrate deepwater carbonates.

The exercise includes photos from Bakken and Three Forks core these will be used by participants to constrain facies belts and plan geosteering.


• Geologists
• Geophysicists who wish to better understand carbonate seismology and seismic stratigraphy
• Petrophysicists
• Engineers who wish to develop a better understanding of the factors that control distribution, reservoir connectivity and compartmentalization in carbonate reservoirs

• Graduate Students (Masters or Doctorate) who wish to develop a better understanding of the petroleum industry and the importance of carbonate reservoirs


The course assumes no prior knowledge of carbonates therefore we also encourage non-geoscientists and graduate-students to enroll.

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