Module 2. The Carbonate Factory

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Carbonate producers differ not only though earth’s history but even in the modern seas. Temperate and coolwater assemblages are very different from their tropical counterparts.

Wolfgang Schlager had the wisdom of dividing carbonates into T, C and M factories. In this module we will begin with factors that control carbonate production such as water chemistry, temperature, depth, clastic sediment supply (water turbidity) and others. We will then discuss carbonate-evaporite associations and how this can be a winning combination from a hycrocarbon entrapment perspective.

Several case studies will be provided and by the end of the module participants will learn what carbonate factories produced the best and worst reservoir types and associated plays.

An exercise using sub-surface data will help course participants hone their skills in identification of carbonate factory types and potential plays.


• Geologists • Geophysicists who wish to better understand carbonate seismology and seismic stratigraphy • Petrophysicists • Engineers who wish to develop a better understanding of the factors that control distribution, reservoir connectivity and compartmentalization in carbonate reservoirs • Graduate Students (Masters or Doctorate) who wish to develop a better understanding of the petroleum industry and the importance of carbonate reservoirs   The course assumes no prior knowledge of carbonates therefore we also encourage non-geoscientists and graduate-students to enroll.

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