Module 5. Carbonate Seismic Stratigraphy

Course Details

This module is presented in a workshop format. Participants will be introduced to seismic sequence analysis and will learn how to mark reflection terminations and pick sequence boundaries and maximum flooding surfaces.

The second part of the course will teach the ABC-Method of seismic facies analysis first developed by Exxon Research Labs and participants will then work on seismic data provided by the instructor.

If you are working on a carbonate project at your company or as part of your thesis/dissertation, we strongly urge you to digitize the line. Please ensure you have Microsoft Powerpoint on your computer for exercises.


• Geologists
• Geophysicists who wish to better understand carbonate seismology and seismic stratigraphy
• Petrophysicists
• Engineers who wish to develop a better understanding of the factors that control distribution, reservoir connectivity and compartmentalization in carbonate reservoirs

• Graduate Students (Masters or Doctorate) who wish to develop a better understanding of the petroleum industry and the importance of carbonate reservoirs

The course assumes no prior knowledge of carbonates therefore we also encourage non-geoscientists and graduate-students to enroll.

Course Outline