Sequence Stratigraphic Correlation (Chronocorrelation) of Well Logs

Benefits of chronocorrelation vs lithocorrelation were first presented by Exxon geoscientists over 30 years ago and are now widely accepted. Recently the benefits of correlating use sequence stratigraphic principles have been highlighted in both siliciclastic and carbonate reservoirs. Despite all these efforts, most companies are still lithocorrelating and creating cross-sections, which are geologically impossible. In our experience, the primary reason for lithocorrelations is a lack of biostratigraphic data, or the inability to use these data to their full potential.
We can correlate wells for you, provided you have

biostratigraphic or core data. We can work with:

  • Palynofossils
  • Foraminifera (benthic or planktonic)
  • Calcareous Nannoplankton

We can also work with raw biostratigraphic data or reports to create field-scale bioevents and ‘finger-print’ reservoir units.