Module 10. Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy

Course Details

This module focuses on sequence stratigraphy from an oil and gas perspective. Using logs participants will learn to predict reservoir types in shallow marine settings. The module focuses on both shallow and deep marine depositional systems and how reservoir and source rocks are deposited along a shelf-to-basin profile with varying relative sea-level stands.

Topics to be covered: depositional sequences, sequence boundaries, maximum flooding surfaces, ravinement surfaces, systems tracts, parasequence types and their stacking patterns, reservoir and source rocks distribution changes with changes in sediment supply, accommodation, tectonics and eustatic sea-level change.


• Geologists
• Geophysicists who wish to better seismic facies of fluvial, shallow and deep marine systems
• Petrophysicists
• Engineers who wish to develop a better understanding of the factors that control distribution, reservoir connectivity and compartmentalization in sandstone reservoirs

• Graduate Students (Masters or Doctorate) who wish to develop a better understanding of the petroleum industry and the importance of siliciclastic reservoirs


The course assumes no prior knowledge of siliciclastics therefore we also encourage non-geoscientists and graduate-students to enroll.

Course Outline