Online consulting provides opens up a world of opportunities. Instead of flying someone business class, paying a ridiculously high daily rate for weeks only to learn that no value was added by the consultant – now you to get to test drive first!

How does it work?

We schedule an initial free-of-charge videoconference at a date and time that works best for you to develop an understanding of what your business needs are. We also ensure that whatever software you choose for communication is compatible with our system. After this initial conversation we set-up an appointment with one of our experts to call you.

Who should I talk to?

That depends entirely on the scope of your project. This is what we recommend:

Dr. Mueller – advice on everything structural geology related.

Dr. Singh – advice on operations geology of unconventional resource plays

Dr. Egenhoff – advice on all aspects of mudrock (shale) sedimentology and stratigraphy

Dr. Jaffri – advice on clastic, carbonate and mudrock sequence stratigraphy

Mr. Meso – advice on all topics related to petrophysics

What all can be done online?

We would argue that most day-to-day tasks can be done online whether it’s QC’ing your seismic interpretation, log correlation or a discussion on landing zones for your next horizontal wells.

How much does this cost?

All our consultants have different hourly rates, this is something we can discuss in greater detail over our first call.