Seismic Sequence and Facies Analysis

Seismic sequence and facies analysis offers a systematic method to interpret both 2D and 3D seismic data. Every reflection package provides information on depositional history and the display on your work station becomes much more interesting.
We understand that this process can be time-intensive and often the features we look for can be subtle. We can visit your office and work alongside your geoscientists and go through your seismic cube line by line mapping out depositional sequences, systems tracts, and seismic facies. Your geoscientists can then either continue the work we initiate or use the finished product.
This service will be extremely valuable if you are dealing with the following depositional systems:

  • Deepwater channels and lobes
  • Carbonate mounds and reefs
  • Shelf sand-ridges
  • Deltas
  • Incised Valleys

If on the other hand you are dealing with fluvial to shallow marine reservoirs (those beyond the limit of separability on conventional seismic lines), we urge you to contact a company that can create horizon or stratal (isoproportional) slices for you and then contact us.