Seismic Stratigraphy Workshop

Participants of the Seismic Stratigraphy Course include geoscientists from OGDCL, BP-Pakistan, and Pakistan Oilfields Limited. Course was held in Islamabad, Pakistan

This is a hands-on course (workshop format) where participants will spend most of their   time performing sequence and seismic analysis on their own data along with seismic lines provided by the instructor. The teaching collection of lines are text-book examples collected from basins across the globe. Original Exxon models covered in AAPG Memoir 26 will be covered in detail. Participants will also be introduced to the upcoming field of clinoform trajectory analysis. Given below is a course outline:

Day 1.Introduction, calculating seismic frequency and resolution, seismic impedance, pitfalls. Review of sequence stratigraphy.

Day 2.Seismic sequence analysis: recognition and meaning of reflection terminations such as onlap, offlap, toplap etc. Seismic facies analysis and how reflection configurations can be used to interpret environments of deposition, risk of reservoir presence and quality, and net:gross.

Day 3.Integration of biostratigraphic data with seismic data to perform sequence analysis.

Geoscientists in Oslo, Norway participating in the Seismic Stratigraphy Course.

Seismic geomorphology: time slices, horizon slices and stratal slices, attribute analysis including spectral decomposition and curvature.

Day 4. Seismic imaging of carbonate reservoirs: differentiating between attached shelves and isolated platforms and ramps, effects of karstification, and fracturing.

Day 5.(Half-Day).Clinoform trajectory analysis: Bruhn’s Law, clinoform morphology, shelf vs shelf margin-clinoforms, siliciclastic vs carbonate clinoforms.

Note: Company specific case-studies can be incorporated into class room exercises
Instructor will provide: Course Manuals, paper copies of seismic lines and handouts.
Participants should bring: Calculator and color- pencils of 3 colors
Prerequisites: Sequence Stratigraphy course

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