Sediment-Hosted Uranium Field trip

Course Details


• Geologists
• Engineers
• Miners
• Environmental Remediation Scientists

This course is meant for all who are working on exploration of Uranium and Vanadium

Course Outline

Day 1

You will be arriving the day before the course starts at Canyonlands Field Airport, Utah, USA and will be picking you up and checking you into your hotel in Moab, UT. The next morning we will begin with a safety briefing, orientation to the field area and an introduction to uranium in fluvial systems.

We will begin by taking the participants to Dead Horse Viewpoint and Canyonlands National Park such that they can develop a through understanding of Colorado Plateau stratigraphy and the understanding of Uranium source rocks and hydrology.


We will be visiting Uranium mines in the Triassic Chinle Formation - the goal is for participants to get familiar with fluvial architectural elements and relate the occurrence of Uranium to fluvial deposition.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

We will be dropping you off at Canyonlands Field Airport for an evening departure.

This field trip is scheduled for October 18-22, 2021. The cost of the field trip is $4500 and this includes tuition, course manual and exercise materials, 5 nights hotel stay, breakfasts-lunches-dinners, snacks and drinks in the field, transportation, fuel, and national park entrance fees.

Please bear in mind that acquiring a US visa can be a time consuming process so we will provide you with an invitation letter and recommend you apply early. If you intend on going on this trip we strong urge applying for a US visa with our letter of invitation no later than July 2021.