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About Applied Stratigraphix

We are a US-based consulting and training firm specializing in Structural Geology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Seismic Stratigraphy and Sedimentology services for the oil and gas and mining industry. This includes consultation in fracture description and modeling, fault-seal analysis, seismic interpretation of structural styles, core description, seismic facies analyses, carbonate thin-section description, seismic interpretation, petrophysics, and exploration and development of shale plays. We have experts who specialize in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Contact us today for a free initial consultation on your sub-surface data.

Our locations

Our headquarters are twenty minutes away from downtown Denver and half an hour from the largest core facility in the United States. Or field office in Ouray allows us quick access to world-class outcrops in Utah and New Mexico.


Our mission is not to be the largest consulting firm, but to be your training and service provider of choice.


Since our inception we have tried to establish long-term relationships with our clients. It takes years to establish a reputation and our vision is to have life-long clients that trust us completely based on our track record.


  • Globally Mobile:We have trained professionals worldwide – we have no geographic restrictions
  • Safety:We have been accident free on all our field trips since the establishment of our company
  • Environment:We ensure that no-one litters, and follow a ‘leave-no-trace’ policy on our field trips
  • Respectful:We ensure we treat ALL our clients with the same respect, irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity or experience-level
  • Affordable:We are not cheap, but very competitive. We strongly urge you to compare the cost of courses and field trips we offer with those of our competitors.

What makes us Different?


We are a group of consultants with a shared experience that spans over 20 countries and 60 oil and gas companies. All our consultants are multilingual and are used to working across cultural boundaries. All our consultants have either doctoral degrees or have over 30 years of industry experience.


We are part of a Geoscience Alliance in Colorado which allows us to offer expertise in areas well beyond sedimentology, stratigraphy and structural geology. Alliance members include iReservoir who provide seismic attribute, inversion, AVO, and geomodeling services, Borehole Image Specialists can tease out the sort of details most service providers cannot, Total Depth Geosteering can provide assistance not just in the US but overseas as well and Terra Chem Labs provide geochemistry lab services and oilfield solutions.


Unlike most of our competitors, we are a small company, and we use that to our advantage. We don’t deal with thousands of participants in hundreds of courses, and therefore you are not a statistic!

When you contact us, your e-mail is not answered by a secretary who has never met the CEO – its read and responded to by Dr. Jaffri, and that too within six hours.


We understand data limitations and the technical capacity of our clients. Instead of turning this into your weakness by taking advantage of you and offering false expectations we will provide honest advice. 

Our straightforward, 100% transparent business dealings, especially with companies in developing countries, set-us apart from most of our competitors.


Dr. Cédric John is a carbonate geologist with over 20 years of experience. His specialty includes geochemistry and diagenesis of carbonate rocks, forward stratigraphic modelling, and application of machine learning and deep-learning to geological and stratigraphic problems. He has conducted field research and field teaching in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Dr. John will be leading field trips to Oman and teaching in-house courses on carbonate diagenesis and machine learning.

Dr. Cedric John

Laraib Shabbir is our graphic designer. She has worked with multiple organizations on various design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma.

Laraib Shabbir

Abbas Jaffri is our client-relations manager and has over 30 years of international business experience. He is also certified in Wilderness First Aid by the American Red Cross and serves as a safety and logistics officer on our field trips.

Abbas Jaffri

Dr. Brian Ruskin is our hydrocarbon exploration expert and has over 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. His specialties are regional geologic framework studies, petroleum systems evaluations of conventional and unconventional plays, and probabilistic assessments of risk and uncertainty. He has a doctorate in sequence stratigraphy.

Dr. Brian Ruskin

Dr. Karl Mueller is our structural geology expert and has led field trips to extensional systems for the oil and gas industry for the past 30 years. He did his PhD on the Basin and Range, and worked on strike slip faults in Death Valley and Baja California. He currently leads our Salt Tectonics field trip in Utah and a Death Valley field trip in California.

Dr. Karl Mueller

Randy Blood is our shale expert with 15 years of experience evaluating reservoir development in unconventional reservoirs, including organic-rich mudstone and tight sand. He specializes in using a holistic approach to incorporate litho- and sequence stratigraphy with organic and inorganic geochemistry data.

Randy Blood

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Dr. Ali Jaffri is the CEO of Applied Stratigraphix LLC, has a doctorate in geology, and specializes in sequence stratigraphy. He has twenty-one years of experience and has trained over 500 professionals from over fifty companies in ten countries.

Dr. Ali Jaffri

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Mr. Michael Angell is our structural geology expert and has over 25 years of experience. He teaches multiple courses on basin inversion, kinematic indicators, geohazards and leads field trips on extensional tectonics in California and Petroleum Systems in Fold and Thrust Belts in Pakistan.

Mr. Michael Angell

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Dr. Prerna Singh is our shale expert with a through understanding of organic porosity, geomechanics and mechanical stratigraphy. She has a doctoral degree in geology focusing on facies and sequence stratigraphic studies of the Barnett Shale. She teaches short courses on the exploration and development of shale.

Dr. Prerna Singh

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Dr. Sven Egenhoff is our shale expert with a focus on sedimentology and diagenesis. Sven has twenty years of experience post-doctorate working worldwide on hydrocarbon-related problems, mostly onshore Sweden, Norway, continental US (Bakken and Woodford), and Bolivia, as well as offshore UK (Kimmeridge Clay) and is a top influencer of the industry’s understanding of mudrocks.

Dr. Sven Egenhoff

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Dr. Molly Turko is our structural geology expert and has over 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Her specialty is seismic interpretation of structural styles, numerical modeling of fractured reservoirs, core and borehole image log description and interpretation of fractures and fault seal analysis.

Dr. Molly Turko

Our location

Our headquarters are twenty minutes away from downtown Denver and half an hour from the largest core facility in the United States. Or field office in Ouray allows us quick access to world-class outcrops in Utah and New Mexico.