We are at the forefront of research in sediment-hosted metals if you would like to see what we are up to click here for Uranium and here for Placer Gold.

What minerals and metals can you assist with?

We can provide expertise in exploration efforts for the following:

  1. Sandstone, Carbonate and Phosphate hosted Uranium
  2. Carbonate hosted Lead and Zinc 
  3. Evaporites: Gypsum, Potash, Trona
  4. Placers
  5. Sediment-hosted Stratiform Copper
  6. Sandstone-hosted Vanadium

What services do you provide?
We provide an initial geological evaluation which includes:

  1. Resource presence
  2. Quality/Grade 
  3. Resource Estimates
  4. Guidelines for best recovery methods include machinery for placers
  5. Referral to reputable engineering firms who can design the mine and carry out a detailed feasibility study
  6. Core Logging
  7. Core to Log integration (for Potash)
  8. Geological Mapping
  9. Exploration Sampling Design
  10. Advice on exploitation strategy

If we have to go to an engineering firm for a feasibility study anyways, why even start with you?

  1. Most large mining/consulting firms will charge a lump-sum amount that includes everything from an initial geological evaluation all the way to remediation. All these steps may not apply to your prospect. We can usually spend less than a week and perform a quick-n-dirty but scientifically accurate field-based evaluation and let you know if it is even worth spending thousands of dollars on an extensive feasibility study.
  2. Our daily rates are much lower than larger engineering consulting firms or mining companies

Do you only work for established mining companies or can I contact you as a local dealer?
We are here to help! whether you are wanting a technical opinion before you invest in a project or just want a geological evaluation of acreage you own we are glad to assist.

We are an established reputable mining firm and only need core described, can you do that for us?

Absolutely! Take a look at our core description services.


Our location

Our headquarters are twenty minutes away from downtown Denver and half an hour from the largest core facility in the United States. Or field office in Ouray allows us quick access to world-class outcrops in Utah and New Mexico.