Basic Well Log Analysis Short-Course

Course Details

This is a course designed for geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers and other industry professionals who are interested to learn some basic log interpretation techniques. The course will teach the basic Petrophysical principles as well as techniques and procedures to interpret electric logs. At the end of the seminar the participant will be able to perform a quick interpretation in open hole for clean and shaley formations.

Once you have completed this course we recommend you enroll in either the Log Quality Control Seminar or the Advanced Log Analysis course.


Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists, Petroleum Engineers Petroleum Technicians and other professionals who are interested on a basic Petrophysical interpretation knowledge.

Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction to well logging. Log classification according to measured properties. Auxiliary tools. Pressure and Temperature Interpretation.


SP. Static Spontaneous Potential. Factors Affecting the SP. Applications. Anomalies. Rw Determination. Exercises

Gamma Ray. Applications. Calibration. Spectral GR. Vshale Determination. Exercises

Day 2

Resistivity Tools. Principles and Applications. Laterolog. Induction. Microresistivity tools. Environmental Corrections. Rt Determination. Exercises


Nuclear Tools. Natural and Induced Radioactivity. Formation Density Tools. Principles and Applications. Compensated Neutron Tool. Environmental Corrections. Crossplot porosity determination. Log compatible scales. Exercises

Day 3

Compensated Sonic. Dipolar Sonic. Wave Propagation. Coherence Maps. Mechanical Properties. Sonic Porosity. Exercises.

Lithology Determination. Shale deposition types. Porosity and lithology from well logs. Applications. Exercises

Day 4

Crossplot utilization. Lithology Identification. Graphical interpretation using crossplots


Saturation Determination. Archie Equation. Archie Parameters, Rw, m and n determination methods. Dual Water model. Saturation determination exercises

Day 5

Complete well Evaluation Exercise


Complete well Evaluation Exercise (continued)

This course will be offered in Denver, USA between August 24-28 in 2015. The course cost is $3900/person and includes course manual, handouts, exercise materials and lunch.