We provide quick, high quality seismic interpretation and play-based prospect generation services for your area of interest. Our approach is focused on understanding of the sedimentary basin geology, defining a number of plays and generating a comprehensive lead and prospect inventory with characterized risks and resource for every lead and prospect.


Advantages of working with us on your seismic interpretation and prospect generation needs include:


  • We work quickly without compromising the quality. No more extending the timeline for the seismic interpretation task in your project plan.
  • We do not work in isolation. From the start we collaborate with your team to deliver high quality integrated product.
  • Our interpretation makes geologic sense. We spend time to prepare and understand the geology of the basin where your area of interest is located. This understanding guides our interpretation, allows to correctly express the uncertainty and results in the products based in geology.
  • No mis-ties. We guarantee that our interpretation is going to look great on data displayed in any orientation and can be directly used in the presentation material.
  • The services are cost effective, and products are delivered on time with a satisfaction guarantee.


We were directly involved in discovering hundreds of millions of barrels of oil resource and our seismic interpretation products directly influenced exploration investment decisions with billion-barrel resource potential. We have experience in interpreting seismic and generating or screening plays and prospects in:

  • Deep water Gulf of Mexico
  • Onshore Volga-Urals, Russia
  • Offshore Ireland, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau
  • Offshore Newfoundland
  • Offshore Guyana


Regional Geology


Any regional seismic and well data as well as popular publications on the area of interest will be reviewed. The evolution of the basin and the formation of petroleum system elements such as sources, reservoirs, seals and trap styles will be understood on a basin scale.



Well to Seismic Tie

Provided there are wells in the area of interest, synthetic seismograms will be generated from well logs and tied to seismic. Geologic age will be assigned to regional seismic reflectors. This is where we divide the area of interest into several stratigraphic sequences and start thinking about different plays in which to interpret our prospect inventory.


Sub-Regional Structural Interpretation

Several horizons identified during well to seismic tie process will be mapped to the extent of the seismic survey. Large seismically resolvable faults will be mapped keeping the basin geologic history in mind. Both horizons and faults will be gridded into surfaces and reviewed for any geologic inconsistencies.


Depth Conversion

Velocity model will be created from the combination of seismic and well velocities. All structural surfaces will be converted to depth and thickness maps for every stratigraphic sequence will be created.


Sub-regional Stratigraphic Interpretation

Several surface and interval seismic amplitude attributes will be created for every stratigraphic sequence to facilitate the reservoir and seal presence assessment.


Structural and stratigraphic traps

All structural and stratigraphic traps in every play will be mapped. Risk and resource for upgraded leads and prospects will be characterized.


Play Based Exploration

Mapped leads and prospects with their risked volumes will be presented in the framework of the plays and the recommendation for the exploration drilling sequence scenarios will be given.