Online Short-Course on Structural Domains

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Welcome to the Online Short-Course on Structural Domains. We understand that with the global pandemic, oil price crash, and with most companies slashing training budgets, travel expenses are the biggest hurdle in getting the training you need.

Starting in 2015 we were the first online geoscience course provider that included live lectures, exercises, and modules that you can pick and choose. Although we recommend that you complete all modules in the correct progression, we understand the time and budget constraints, therefore you have the flexibility of choosing what modules to take and the order in which you complete them.

Course notes and exercise materials will be provided to you using a dropbox link. The price of this module is $250.

Each module runs for 3-hours and is taught live on Zoom so you have an opportunity to be interactive and ask the instructor questions. If you want a sample of the instructor’s teaching style you can watch this youtube webinar.

Who Should Attend

• Geologists • Geophysicists • Petrophysicists • Engineers  • Graduate Students (Masters or Doctorate) 

All who interpret geological structures in seismic data and log data.

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    Course Outline

    Module 1

    Structural domains are areas of similar kinematics, scale, and orientation. They can apply to a single formation or to several formations in the stratigraphic column. Having the structural domains outlined in a large play area can aid in predicting drilling hazards such as mud loss or production/completion issues such as well connectivity due to linking fracture and fault trends. In many places, these domains can aid in determining type curve areas as well. 

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