Crash Course on Eolian Depositional Systems

Course Details

This is a crash course on  factors that control fluid-flow through eolianite successions. Why is that important to understand? Because eolianiates seem apparently homogenous but have some of the highest permeability anisotropy of any sandstone depositional system.

Based on your interest this course can be taught in three different ways:

1) Hydrocarbon-focus (case studies from the Tensleep, Norphlet and Rotliegendes)

2) Sediment-Hosted Copper-focus (case studies from Revett-Type Cu Deposits including Lisbon Valley, USA)

3) Eolianite Placer focus (case studies from the Diamond deposits of Namibia and gold placers from Western Australia)

Lessons learned from eolianite successions across the globe will be shared with participants such that they can employ best practices in their own data interpretation workflows.

Who Should Attend

• Geologists
• Geophysicists 
• Petrophysicists
• Engineers

and all who wish to develop a better understanding of the factors that control hydrocarbon flow, metal and diamond occurrence in Eolian systems

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    Course Outline

    Three-hour Crash-Course

    9:00 – 9:15 AM              Introduction to Instructor, participants, learning objectives


    9:15 – 10:00 AM           Eolian hierarchy: Laminae, bedforms, dunes types, draas and ergs and relationship

                                             between  lithofacies and reservoir quality


    10:05 – 10:30   AM      Eolian bounding surfaces and their role in reservoir compartmentalization: Growth

                                            Surfaces, Reactivation Surfaces, Stabilization Surfaces, Sand Drift Surfaces, Fluvial Flooding

                                            Surfaces, Ravinement Surfaces, Deflation Surfaces, Stoke’s Surfaces and Super Surfaces.


    10:30 – 11:00 AM        Best practices using  case studies from Rotliegendes, Entrada, Minnelusa and Tensleep (if you chose  

                                            the hydrocarbon-focused course, Lisbon Valley, Nambia or Western Australia if you chose the mining-

                                            focused options)


    11:00 -11:45 AM           Exercises can be done on your data or our textbook examples


    11: 45 AM- Noon          Questions and Answers

    This is not a public course and is only available to companies and institutions who want to arrange it in-house at their office or online with a minimum of three participants. Contact us for pricing.

    Our location

    Our headquarters are twenty minutes away from downtown Denver and half an hour from the largest core facility in the United States. Or field office in Ouray allows us quick access to world-class outcrops in Utah and New Mexico.