Modern Carbonate Depositional Environments of Bali, Indonesia

Course Details

Bali, Indonesia provides the perfect natural laboratory for studying modern carbonate facies belts along an isolated carbonate platform. If you are working on such platforms in the Permian Basin of the US or Southeast Asia we highly recommend this 1-day field course that is offered in conjunction with a 4-day classroom course on carbonate reservoirs.

If you happen to work on reservoirs in epeiric seas such as the Williston Basin or in the Middle East, we recommend you wait – we will be preparing a very similar one-day field trip on modern carbonate depositional environments in Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

This field trip is made possible by our friends and partners at PT. Geoservices – the premier oil and gas training company for Southeast Asia. Due to the limited number of participants, we can have on the boat at one-time we strongly urge you to register for this course as soon as possible.

Who Should Attend

• Geologists
• Geophysicists
• Petrophysicists
• Engineers

This course is meant for oil and gas professionals in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand who would like to develop a thorough understanding of carbonate reservoir distribution and quality. 

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    Course Outline

    8:00 am – We will be gathering at the hotel meeting room for a safety briefing and orientation to the field area.

    9:00 am – We will gather at the hotel lobby and take ground transportation to Benoa Harbor where our boat captain and first mate will meet us.

    10:00 am – We will head out to Lembongan Island and will be noting changes in water-depth as we approach the outer reef.

    11:00 am – 12:00 pm – We will spend time examining the reef crest, reef flat and transition between coral and sea-grasses. We will discuss cementation and its effect on reservoir quality in these facies belts.

    1:00 -2:00 pm After having lunch we will spend some time looking at sedimentary structures exposed in a beach perpendicular trench.

    2:30 – 3:00 pm We will load into smaller boats and will explore the network of tidal channels in the intertidal zone in Mangroves thickets. The focus will be on the recognition of tidal channels in sub-surface datasets including borehole image logs and core.

    3:00 – 3:30 pm We will head back towards Benoa Harbor and to the hotel in Bali.

    This field trip is scheduled by our partner PT Geoservices in Indonesia. Please contact us and we can get registration details for you.

    Our location

    Our headquarters are twenty minutes away from downtown Denver and half an hour from the largest core facility in the United States. Or field office in Ouray allows us quick access to world-class outcrops in Utah and New Mexico.